Simon’s Birth Announcement

So I held back some photos to use on Simon’s Birth Announcement because I wanted my family to have some surprises when they opened their mail. These are some of my favorite photos so I have to share them here.

I printed this one really big : )









I made a Tri-fold for the first time and I was really pleased with how they turned out.
here is what it looked like up close (click to see it bigger)



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  1. Sue Benson

    Good job with the pictures and his announcement.
    Where did you get the template for the trifold and who did you print it with? My son will be born soon and I would love to make a tri-fold announcement for him.
    Congrats on your little boy and thanks.
    Big fan of your work.

  2. I found your blog through 2Peas. Beautiful photos and I love the tri-fold! I too would like to know where you got the template or if you did yourself, could you give some tips on how you did it?

  3. There was no template, I made the design myself : )

  4. Em…these are beautiful…absolutely beautiful. So, we just started shooting in raw and we made some BIG prints but could the biggest we could go was 16×20 and for our fireplace that actually was a good size, others just looked too small….so, curious, how big is BIG to you?:) We did the montana set the ones of only Lacy at the beginning:) Did a set of 5 on the fireplace. Thanks for sharing….the announcement was great! I think even eddy would give ya props on design. Did you ever check out his site? Have a great weekend my dear mommy friend.

  5. What a precious little man. They’re all wonderful photos, but those first two – wow. What great shots!

  6. Abbey

    Emily – these made me tear up they’re so good… Any chance when/if Lockwood baby #2 comes, that you’d design (scaled down to a single side) an announcement?

  7. Candy Greenway

    Hi Emily,
    JJ and I love all of these incredible photos. I’ve been showing your announcement around Frederick, MD, and the reaction is amazing. Everybody wants to keep it, but that’s not happening.
    What a great gift to give to new parents! I wish you lived closer so citizens in our community could benefit from your creative ability!
    Candy G.