He is a big boy!

I apologize for not posting sooner. Life happened. (Aunt Faye and Uncle Eric are home!!!!)
At his doctor appointment on Thursday Simon weighed 8 lbs 5 oz. So he has kept up his 2+oz a day weight gain. On Tuesday we have our third post natal appointment with the midwives and he will be weighed again  if he keeps it up he will be close to 9lbs.

You talking to me??

This photo shoot is over!!!
In other news Simon took his first bottle today. I will a little worried that he would reject a foreign nipple but it didn’t seem to phase him at all. Yay! I can go out girls night out and not have to worry about him.

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  1. Way to go Simon! Ok, so everyone has to give you there tidbits…and please know this is NOT a ‘you MUST do it this way’:) More of this is what I have seen in my nanny and mommy days. GREAT he took a bottle…good for Simon and good for you for giving it!!! But and maybe you are already aware, usually you need to keep it up…a problem often occurs when a little on like Simon will take a bottle and mommy/daddy think, great, he’s fine and then a couple weeks/month later…forget it!:) BUT…those totally laid back babies always roll with the flow! ANYWAY…from mommy to mommy…thats what I have learned hope it helps and if it doesnt…so be it:):):) I really enjoyed the photos of the oh so cute Simon! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Morning! You know, I would say about but 2-3 bottles a week would be better especially if he is still feeding many times in a 24 hour period. As his feedings slow down, so could the bottle to once a week. That would totally help keep him accepting the bottle! You will be SO happy you are doing that and its so great for Daddy! Hope that helps:) So glad he took it well, Lacy did too which was SO great…I could even give her a bottle as well:) We switched to bottles(LONG story made short, she had reflux=constant crying for 9 weeks, I had a MASSIVE kidney stone from birth to 5 months, and at 1 month my milk dried up! Everything came to a head at 5 months. I learned, dont sweat the small stuff!)
    Have a good one!

  3. Kay Weaver

    I love your frequent updates, it’s almost as good as being there. It’s also wonderful to get such great encouragement from friends. I also like your little comments to the pictures. They are humorous because they seem right on. I’m thinking with the way he’s growing we’d all better look at bigger sizes for this boy! Way to grow Simon. Love, Grandma Kay