How big is Simon?

quite a few people have commented upon seeing Simon in real life that my photos make him appear far larger then he actually is. I think this is due to perspective, don’t be fooled he is a newborn and being born at 6.8 oz puts him in only the 24 percentile.

This is a photo of Myles holding Simon, I was going for something artistic only Simon was really not into it. he kept trying to nurse on Myles hand and he also peed all over everything. I still like this image even though it is a bit awkward. Simon is much like is dad – all arms and legs.


So how big is Simon now?

He had his first pediatrician appointment today and I am happy to say that he is completely healthy and normal.  Care to guess how much he weighed? take a stab at the following poll. I will post the answer tomorrow.

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One Comment

  1. ok, so??? How much does he weigh!:)