Two Weeks old!


I can’t believe how fast this time has already gone and how much Simon has already changed. He is noticeably bigger and he has more awake/alert times.

Hi eyes are getting lighter and we are pretty sure that they are going to be blue. He really likes music, baths, and eating. He doesn’t much care for his car seat unless it is moving.
We are having fun getting to know our little man.

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  1. Kay Weaver

    Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how much he’s changed just from last weekend! He looks so alert in these photos. I love his white hat and the way he holding his hands. He’s probably wondering about that camera lens thats always in his face.

  2. ok, so whose eyes are blue already? It’s fun to watch them change! I was SURE Lacy’s eyes were not going to stay blue, I for some reason never expected to have a blue-eyed baby! And as usual, great photos. LOVE Simon’s complexion…just beautiful! The hat is it a little bear hat? I had one for Lacy that was super cute and white as well, just different material. Hope all is well!
    What do you use? Very curious.