The Annual Burning of the Christmas Wreath!

This was a tradition born out of laziness. One year we never got around to disposing of our Christmas Wreath that hung on our front door. We were going camping and Myles grabbed it to use as kinling. And boy does a dried out old Christmas Wreath make great kinling. That was 4 or 5 years ago and ever since we have burned our Christmas wreath every year. Usually while we are camping but this year we didn’t make it so we just did it in our back yard fire pit. Of course there were also smores involved.  As always it was awesome, and it has the added bonus of smelling great. This year once aging we will buy another wreath, it will hang on our door until about January 2nd and then it will sit of our wood pile drying out and waiting for it’s cremation.

the seen before the cremation

Happy Fall!

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  1. That is so fun! What a neat tradition. Love all the pix!!

  2. Ben

    Sounds like a great combo to me. Fire and Festive!

    However, are those marshmallows rated “safe” on the Emily Scale? (They are super easy to make BTW, and a LOT of fun to cut into different shapes and/or flavor or dip in chocolate) I guess I never took the time to look at a bag of Kraft Jetpuffed’s and see what was in them. Just curious!

    Thanks for the pictures!

  3. Simon looks pretty nervous about what is happening to the marshmallow!