We have a Porker!

We had our one week Check up today, Simon is 10 days old. I could tell that he had already grown a lot but check it out…
It is a little hard to read the scale but it says 7 lbs 6 oz. At birth Simon weighed 6 lbs 8 oz. At 48 hours he weighed 6 lbs 2 oz. So in about 1 week Simon has put on a full pound – can you believe it? That’s more than 2 oz a day.  As the midwives put it "Mama makes cream" So yes I guess nursing is going well. Simon is otherwise very healthy, his PKU test came back completely normal.

While I was pregnant Myles played guitar for  The Belly almost every night, he is continuing that tradition by planing for Simon at night before we go to bed.


Simon does seem to enjoy the music, though he slept right through tonights concert.  He did have a big day. We had lunch with Great Grandma and Grandpa Greenway and Grandma and Grandpa Brown and then we had our appointment with the midwives.

And since Myles is honing up his photography skills I had him take a photo of Me with Simon, since I am in almost no photos.

I was just noticing how tired we both look. Really Simon is a pretty good sleeper, I guess we just need to get to bed earlier!
And with that note I am off to dream land.

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  1. First…what a blessing! Pack ’em on Simon! Isnt that just the best news:)
    And second….I am now WAY behind in kitchen duty as I have already founds some awesome things on the sights you gave me…seriously thanks!! Hope you are enjoying dreamland..and I chuckled about you looking sleepy, I would not have noticed, but since you mentioned it…I can see it! Rest up:)

  2. oh….and eddy wants to know what Myles is up to:)

  3. Abbey

    Beautiful pics as usual. So great to have music incorporated into his life so naturally. I also recognized (and I still seem to wear now just out of habit) the always-present black hair band on your wrist for those tie-the-hair-back-midnight feedings.

  4. Deb Clark

    What a beautiful baby boy you have there.
    This is Steph’s mom (Deb) I was talking to
    Steph this morning (belated birthday call)
    and she was telling me about how cute Simon
    is – so I had to go and see for myself. Grandma Brown sent me one of the first pics
    of him. She is ONE EXCITED GRANDMA! So, good to see him putting on the lbs. Must be
    yummy cream there mom!
    Steph was telling me about the gift she sent for Simon – sounded really cute.
    All the best! and enjoy your time with Neil and Beth and have fun days ahead with your new bundle of joy!
    Deb 🙂