1. Whew, I thought I was going to need to send you a razor as a baby gift…

  2. Hey there:) Vanessa passed on the news of your baby boy and site. Congrats!!! Not sure if you remember me, but Eddy and I met at CCC and maybe after looking at photos you will:) We too have a little one, although it goes so fast(and yes, it’s true!) and she is 17 months already. I wish I could learn more about photos and have recently started trying to take manual ones and read ‘how-to’ books in my spare time(HA!). Eddy takes a decent photo and none-the-less we have millions of Lacy:) Here are some sights for you: http://www.troop.tofslie.com and http://www.flickr.com/photos/tofslie/sets/72157600795110418/
    Get sleep when you can!!!! Hope if you are nursing it is going well, it can be tricky getting it all settled! Have a good one and say hi to Myles!
    Oh, and VERY sweet tub photos:)

  3. Ok…you are a DOLL!!!That was a WAY long email for a new momma! And..SO funny I AM ‘reading’ Understanding Exposure right now!!!! I am so excited you think I have an eye for photography, made my day!!! You have beautiful photos and I think I will totally use the forums down the road, once I get through the book! That was a great suggestion. Thank you! So Simon is a PERFECT newborn…no bumps, smashed places…what a looker! I already put ya on my blog..and I will forewarn ya…I post A LOT!:) Really excited to keep up with the three of you and look at all your awesome photos(I went through the whole blog and most of the photo site!! NICE!) Have a good one! Hope 1am is a quiet hour tonight:)