My Boys

These first two are for Meagan who knit this beautiful blanket for Simon. As soon as I saw it I knew it would photograph beautifully. Certain textures look really good in photos – I am always looking for blankets and rugs with interesting textures ito use in photos. Thank you Meagan for the beautiful blanket.



He smiles a lot (it might just be gas – I’m not sure)


And here are my two boys – So sweet. This was taken this morning. I had to use a very high ISO because it was still pretty dark out.

This is a common seen around our house. We bought a  sling and now Myles and I bicker over who gets to carry Simon around.


And guess what… Simon got his very first piece of mail today, all the way from Anchorage Alaska. It was actually addressed to him.


and guess what was inside…





really cute clothes, including a  crosstitched  bib (it seems way to nice to get food on it). 
Thank you so much Paul and Dawn (and yes, we will be using the diapers).

And for the record Abby the poop thing has already happened with the diaper off – several times. Maybe if I didn’t keep taking his diaper off to take photos it wouldn’t be such an issue but I can’t help myself I want photos while he is little. I am used to being peed and pooped on during newborn photo shoots, it just comes with the territory. However, Simon has set a record he pees and poops multiple times every time I take his diaper off. The other day I tried to take some photos of Myles holding Simon and in a 20 min period Simon pooped 3 times on Myles.

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  1. Kay Weaver

    I love the lighting on Simon’s face in the blue blanket photos. And the boys sleeping is especially great. They definitely look related in that picture. Sweet.

  2. Abbey

    Man, you’re a trooper (and one who doesn’t mind laundry!) to capture those little ones so beautifully with the risk of “mustard” all over… =) So thankful for the gift God has given you!