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39 Weeks

yep, I was dreading it – I didn’t want to make it to 39 weeks but I did and now I am right on my way to 40. I had to think of something to make 39 weeks special and ended up getting my belly painted with henna

If you are not familiar with henna its traditionally used in Indian weddings to decorate the hands and feet. A paste is made from dried henna leaves and applied to the skin, left to set, and a temporary tattoo is left.

Its the tree of life!

and yes, I had someone else paint this on for me. I can’t even seen the bottom of my belly!

The art work is by Serena Odwyer. She doesn’t have a website yet but if you are interested in having henna done shoot me an email and I will forward you her info.

any ideas for week 40? I am drawing a blank.

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  1. Sorry, but you’re just not allowed to complain. I made it to 40 weeks 6 days with Apollo. By the way, Adalia has now decided she’s going to get her belly done w/ hennah (like ten years from now) when she’s pregnant. She LOVES it!

  2. Beautiful, Emily! I actually wanted to have my belly painted when I was pregnant with West, it just never happened. Your Tree of Life is gorgeous!

  3. sophia

    week 40: how about sequins? 🙂 or… how about a Halloween costume… you could be a cat, who is having a litter… 🙂 (?) Ok, my ideas suck. I am drawing a blank too!

  4. I love this idea. So beautiful!