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The Pumpkin Patch

I thought we should complete one last family tradition as a family of 3 before we become a family of 4. So we blew off swimming lessons and went to the pumpkin patch.

What’s interesting to me is that I don’t think Simon has any memory of the pumpkin patch from the last 3 years. Or any holiday/family tradition for that matter. So to him this is all new, but I am betting that next year he will remember at least Christmas.

It has been a very warm October thus far and we just the other day turned on the heat in our house. And really it’s only needed in the early mornings just to knock the chill off. It was an incredibly warm evening and we enjoyed being outdoors in almost summer weather.

This massive pumpkin is now  sitting on our front porch.

I really cannot believe how curly his hair gets. This must be from my dad because both Myles and I have very straight hair and Simon wakes up from his naps with ringlets! I have been wanting to let it get a little longer but I think it’s time for another hair cut and it gets really matted and unmanageable in the back.

After you pick out a pumpkin you can feed the alpaca’s and goats. I loves Simon’s expression in this photo : ) He was no afraid of the animals at all and let them eat right out of his hand.

after the pumpkin patch we went across the street to Thenos dairy for some pumpkin ice cream (as is our tradition). We let Simon get his own cone, a first, but Myles ended up eating most of it. Simon just recently started liking ice cream. Normally he says it’s too cold and ask for me to make it warmer. He seems to enjoy it now though he was deeply disturbed when I started eating my cone. We explained to him that the cone was a “cookie” and that you could eat it but he was skeptical until he tried it.

I was just looking back at last years pumpkin patch adventure and the year before that and I cannot believe how much Simon has grown. He is truly a little boy now whereas before he was just a baby.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.


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  1. Kay Weaver

    Wow, I’m with you on Simon’s growth. I can’t believe the change. The same cute facial expression keep coming through. He is so cute. Such an adventurer for life.

  2. Laura Archey

    wait till you get a little girl…..the hair issue is MUCH more complicated….especially when they HATE to have their hair brushed, or combed, or anything done to it, but still want hair down to the middle of their back…. lol ….have fun with that!!

  3. Chanda

    Wow! Simon looks so much older. He is still the most adorable boy ever! I really want some ice cream now.

  4. SO love these photos! Ahhh….fall:) This really made me emotional, thinking back to our few last days that we did fun things before Ashley showed up. Good times. And…even better to come. SO, Lacy totally remembered at a newly 3 year old going to the pumpkin patch when she JUST two years old. And then Christmas too. And man, it gets so fun then! I can’t imagine curly hair and LOVE Simon’s. Straight hair is SOOOO much work! Hang in there momma!