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It’s a Girl!!!


Talia Sabine Brown

Born at 9:35 am 11.01.10
8lbs exactly
21 inches long

So happy not to be posting a 41 weeks photo : )

Here is the very abbreviated version of the birth. I think it was about 7 hours from first contraction to when she was out, so not all that much shorter than Simon’s birth which was 11 hours. I woke up at around 2:30 am with contractions. They were much easier than being in labor in Simon, I believe because my water did not break until I was bushing this time and with Simon it broke at the beginning of the labor. Everything went great until transition. She stubbornly had her fist up by her face and that elbow in the back and fist at the cervix were killer. I think I was in transition for almost 3 hours, and I had the hardest time coping, and the relief that I expected when I got to the pushing stage never came.   I tried laboring just about everywhere and nothing helped. Finally my midwife Heike convinced me to go to the birth stool and just use gravity to get her out.  Andrea came over at this point and held back the last little bit of cervical lip as I pushed and got her head, fist and, arm out. We were ecstatic to find out that we had a girl! And it still seems a bit unreal.

Simon did awesome. He ended up staying for the entire birth, he slept through most of it but wandered in and out of whichever room I was in at the time. Mostly he played trains in the other room.  At the end when I was pushing he came and watched. He is quite curious about his sister. I laid her down on the bed so my mom could take some photos this afternoon and Simon climbed right up to her and started stroking her head and I snapped this shot.  At first he didn’t want to kiss her and he still doesn’t want to hold her but he is coming around and I am making sure to give him lots and lots of snuggles, hugs and kisses too.

So she is nursing and pooping like  a seasoned pro and we all got a very good nap this afternoon. Simon is staying the night at Grandma’s and I think we will all have a very good sleep.  I will post (highly edited) video and the full birth story later once I have time.

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  1. Desiree Hayes

    Congratulations Emily!!!!!! SOOOOO cute!!! Happy “babymooning!”

  2. Eliza

    Congratulations!! I have thought about you frequently during the past couple weeks and was so thrilled to see this post! What a joyous event!
    I would love to learn the meaning behind her name and how/why you chose it – it’s absolutely beautiful!
    Welcome to the world Talia!

  3. I have tears in my eyes! Thank-you for sharing your story! Can’t wait to see the video! So exciting!

  4. My heart is so full for you right now, Emily! Enjoy every minute of these first few fleeting newborn weeks–congratulations!!!

  5. Love these images!! Congrats on your sweet little girl! Congrats to your whole family!

  6. Aunt Faye

    Love the name you gave her. Simon and I hung out together tonight while grandma went to her book club. We had the best time being silly.

  7. Congrats Emily, she is so beautiful! Cant wait to see the video too!

  8. Congratulations, Emily and Family!!! She is beautiful!!

  9. She is so gorgeous! and the name is beautiful. Congratulations again! Im so happy Simon did so well. I have three boys, so I know how worry some it can be. Get some rest and I look forward to seeing the video!

  10. Brooke

    Congratulations! I’m so glad you are both well and healthy. She’s beautiful! And Talia is a wonderful name. 🙂

  11. So thrilled for you! Yay! Makes me impatient for my turn:-)

  12. Sasha Medyanik

    My congratulations! She is adorable. We are very happy for your family)) The name is really wonderful. Best wishes from all of us.

  13. Congratulations, Emily! I’m so glad you and your family.Can’t wait to see more photos!

  14. Rae

    She is gorgeous! What a beautiful name! Congrats on the birth of your sweet baby girl!

  15. ahhh. she is so lovely. congratulations to you all. welcome, sweet talia.

  16. jen

    congrats, emily!! She’s beautiful! 😀

  17. Eva

    A big congrats to you guys. She is beautiful!

  18. You are a champ! Congratulations, she is beautiful!

  19. She is exquisite! Congratulations to you all.

  20. Oh Emily, she is gorgeous. She has your eyes and is just precious. I’m so sorry you had to have that nuchal hand – been there, done that and it’s no fun! Good job hanging in there and getting that beauty out! Gotta love Heika and her birth stool!

  21. Emily she is absolutely beautiful!!! Congratulations on your little girl!! I can’t wait to see all the stunning photos you’ll have of her!

  22. Congrats! She is so precious!!!

  23. Congrats Emily and family! Talia is beautiful! LOVE the name!

  24. Melissa

    Congratulations on your new addition. Beautiful, images. Can you share what kind of swaddling material you are using? I love it!!!! Love your blog too!

  25. Congratulations! She is a beauty! Yea for Simon having a little sister!!! =)

  26. congratulations! she is gorgeous.

  27. ranedae

    I’m so happy that you had a great birth, even with the challenging transition. Nice work, mama. And have you noticed how long Simon’s nails are?