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Retro Mushroom

some decisions have been made…
people keep asking me if we have picked out names for the baby, I just tell them I can’t even pick a paint color how could I possibly pick a name…

well I finally picked a paint color

I was going to make all the baby’s bedding but I have had a really hard time finding fabric that I like. Even fabric seems to be very gender specific. So I finally picked a bedding set and a paint color to match.  I am still going to make a quilt but I am not worried about finishing it any time soon. Maybe next month when I am off work.

This is the bedding set from Litto “Retro Mushroom”

This is Litto’s picture not mine,
I don’t have that crib, and that is not our wall color.


this is my photo, a close up of the quilt.

And this is Myles painting the nursery a lovely shade of green
I asked him to turn around for a photo and this is what he did.

But, no we still don’t have names. It’s ok I checked with the midwives and they said they have 10 days to file the birth certificate so we have 10 days after the baby is born to pick a name : ) hopefully we will have one before that though.


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  1. Okay, how about “Retro Mushroom” for the baby? You’ve got a first AND middle name, and it matches the nursery! It’s kind of got that crunchy granola feel, you know? Okay, seriously, you have 12 months after the baby is born, not 10 days. Really. You do not need a name on the birth certificate to file and you legally have 12 months to change the birth certificate without any legal hassle. And I know a lady who didn’t name her son for 10 months. They finally decided on Arrow.

  2. very funny,
    I am so not naming my baby “retro mushroom”
    And how can you not pick a name for a full year – that is a really long time. What would you call them for that year?

  3. Love it, cute stuff! We’ve been working on our nursery too 🙂 And we don’t have a name yet either, boy names are soooo hard for us!

  4. LOVE the bedding – very excellent. Hope all is well and like reading about what is happening with you.