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The Great Christmas Tree Hunt

every year we go Christmas tree hunting with Sam, Chanda, and the girls. Usually we do this over Thanksgiving weekend so that my Brother Mark can also participate but this year we were in Hawaii so the entire event was delayed. Well last weekend we finally made it out.
It was frigid cold, but a bright, bright sunny day.
This made for some interesting photography РI decided to  shoot directly into the sun. This always produces interesting results. The bright sun would flood the lens and wash out part of the image giving it a dreamy ethereal feel.



this is typical Elle, she was just happy to be outside.

finally we picked a tree!


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One Comment

  1. Faye

    What a wonderful family and good memories too. The older Megan get the more she looks like her beautiful mom.
    Ally, I hope you didn’t pull your hair when you undid your coat.