My Family

So my family has been not so patiently waiting for their photos. And rightfully so, we took these back in June when my brother Mark was visiting. At this point I don’t think  Walt and Val are even speaking to me. My bad I know – but hay I am pregnant and I should get to use that excuse at least once.
I realized that I want to spend the holidays with these people so I better get my act together.

So with out further ado here they are….




Elle… stop for a photo – no way not while there are miles and miles of park to explore.


This is her sucking on her hand as she runs past me.


While I post photos of these cuties all the time I don’t think I have ever once posted a photo of their parents.  I am changing that now.



Here is Aunt Faye and Uncle Eric


And my sweet Grandma!

And last but not least here is all of us!


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  1. Grandma Ginger

    “Children’s children are the crown of old men”,(and women!)and what beautiful children these are.

  2. Kevin Jennings

    Your getting pretty good emily. I can tell you this, you are a better Photographer than Procurement Agent….. Just kiddin.