For Aunt Faye

This picture is for my Aunt Faye who is currently in Shantou, China teaching English ( She has been zealously harassing me,  wanting to know if I am "showing" and if I can please send a picture. She even tasked my mother with trying to get a profile shot of me.
I had Myles take several and in all of them I looked horrible. So I came up with the idea of a silhouette. I am sticking it out a bit here but  –  Yes I am showing.

So here you go Aunt Faye!

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  1. Faye Morris

    Wow! You really are showing! I really like this photo. I think you are going to get very large with this baby and I think you are beautiful! I know you are thinking about names. I also like the little 360 image of the latest stage of the fetus that you have here on your site Many thanks!

  2. Mark

    So I have known since I first saw the picture that I wanted to leave a comment, I’ve just been struggling with what I can say (even jokingly) and not get smacked upside the head next time I see you.
    My coworkers thought I should go with my first instinct, but I think I will just leave it be and say that I really like the photo. It is very artsy, and the silhouette shot is very cool. Nice work.
    Did I avoid getting smacked?

  3. Robin

    Emily, this is a great photo! I love your idea of a silhouette. I don’t buy the fact that you looked horrible in every photo. You are an amazing and beautiful woman! Congratulations on the baby!