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A cold day at the zoo

Today was Myles’s last day of vacation. He hasn’t had a regular work week since Talia was born. I love having him around but I am also looking forward to getting back to our routine. Today we spent our last family day together. All of us went to Simon’s music class and then we went to the zoo.

Otter watching

Simon very much wanted this komodo dragon to do something interesting but mostly komodo dragons just sleep right?

The zoo in winter is an interesting place. I actually feel a little bad for the hippopotamus who were cuddled together on frosty ground (do they heat their water?). We spent most of our time in the North West section where all the local animals are. The bears were hibernating (though technically brown bears don’t really hibernate, they just sleep more in the winter.) the only animals that were really active were the penguins and the otters who are probably enjoying our cold temperatures!

We had a good time!
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