Carolyn Waombi Mungai Children’s Home

(I know that I have spelled the name of the children’s home incorrectly but I don’t have my notes with me so I will have to correct it later.)

Thank you so much to everyone who made Hats, Scarves and Cloths for the Children and for those who bought toys and other items for the children. They were very well received. Here are a few pictures of the kids with items. I have a lot more and I will share later. There are now 43 children instead of the 36 that we thought. They are basically at capacity so they will not be able to take anymore children. However when someone brings an abandoned child to them it is very hard to say ‘no’ because the chance of that child’s survival on the street is very slim.


These are the little girls with their hats, scarves, clothes, and toys.


The kids are just precious – though you could tell they really craved one on one adult time. I asked Francis – one of the volunteers at the Home what they need the most and he told me “More volunteers to come hold, play with, and love the children”


All of these children have been tested for HIV/AIDS and only 3 are infected and they are receiving drugs. All of the children have had the basic immunizations that are now subsidized by the Kenyan government. Last year there was a little girl that came to the children’s home that had HIV around that time all of the children were infected with chicken pocks and the little girl with HIV was also infected. Because her immune system was so week from the HIV she got very ill and was hospitalized. She passed away last November. This was very sad and very hard on the other children.

According to Pastor George this Children’s home receives regular donations from a Church somewhere in the states. I am still trying to get information about this church because the home is far from being what I would consider “fully funded.” Last year they ran low on funding and they “had some problems with food” that’s George’s way of saying that the children skipped meals.

When my Uncle Eric was here over a year ago one of the little boys, Zechariahs, was hospitalized for an infection. All the medical care here is a-la-carte so even though he was in the hospital the children’s home did not have enough money to buy the medicine that was necessary to fight the infection. The doctor told them that if Zechariahs did not get the medication he would die. When my Uncle discovered that the cost of the medication was the equivalent of $10 he forked over the money. But if he had not happened to be here at that time Zechariahs would probably not be with us – all for that lack of $10.


This is the children’s class room. They have a one room school house set up right now and they don’t even have desk. The children have plastic lawn chairs that they sit on in this class room. Right now an American is funding the building of another school building so this class room will become the girls dormitory (right now the girls sleep in the garage of the house.) the school will move to the new building which looks like it has multiple class rooms. I am trying to get more information on the American who is building the new school. According to George this American visited last year and was moved to help. George has promised to get me his name and contact information for me. It looks like the work on the new building is going very slowly so I doubt that the project is fully funded.


This is the boys dormitory, it is on the opposite side of the class room above. All of the beds are just crammed into this one little room. It works for the time being but the beds are toddler beds so the children will quickly be out growing them.

Ideally I would like to see the following list of things:

  • A monthly food budget
  • A monthly medical budget
  • New school building completed
  • Desk and school supplies for all the children
  • Paid staffed teachers (right now all the staff are volunteers)
  • A paid director
  • Girls and boys dormitory stocked with full sized bunk beds.
  • Possibly a shower house with baths and showers

George has promised to get me the information on the Church in the US

that is providing some funding to this Children’s Home. The Kenyan volunteers are doing a wonderful job with the resources that they have but obviously just a little bit of money could make a huge difference in the lives of these children. (A fully funded home would maybe need a $3000.00 monthly operating budget)

I should mention that the volunteer teachers get to live at the children’s home and they get their meals there – that is their compensation for volunteering. I was very moved by what these volunteers are doing and I will really like to see this home fully supported.

George assures me that this is one of the best Children’s homes in Nairobi and that there are many homes where the children do not even have beds. This makes me ashamed – I see no reason why every Children’s home in Nairobi could not be partnered with a Church in the States that could fully support it.

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world"

James 1:27

Edited to add a video of the children.

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  1. Faye Morris

    Emily thanks for uploading this information. It makes me feel like I am there. The children look so beautiful in their new things. Praise God that all the things arrived there because you and Myles were so willing to bring them in.

  2. Melissa Montero

    Myles and Emily,
    We miss you! But we’re so glad you are there helping these children. What a wonderful thing to do with your vacation time. We will pray for more funding. Perhaps you can post (or just tell us later) where we could send money to help?
    Lots of love to you! Melissa and Nick

  3. Beth Brown

    Dear M & E, Thanks so much for all these pictures. Our hearts are touched seeing these kids, and specially in the slum areas. Praying the Lord will bless you & keep you safe – Love – love from both of us