What we are doing…

We have been very busy the last few days.

As it turns out that the internet café is only open for a few hours on Sundays and those happen to be the hours that we were in church. We went with George (a pastor that Uncle Eric has been working with) to his Church. The people at the Church were so unbelievably kind. Right before George pick us up he phone Uncle Eric and told him that he would be speaking at church. Uncle Eric was totally unprepared and so understandably very apprehensive. Good thing he is a quick thinker and did very well. Here is a picture of him speaking. The church is just a wood framed building with corrugated tin walls and rough but it works well. The people are very spirited and the singing was wonderful. We have been trying to upload a video but we have been very unsuccessful so far so that might have to wait until we get back to the States. George also asked Myles and I to sing for the congregation. Not having practiced it was pretty bad.


This is a picture of Uncle Eric explaining some of the software on one of the laptops that we brought to the gentlemen at Trans World Radio. They were very excited to have it. These are very nice Gentlemen and they have been helping Eric with the transfer of funds for various projects. Uncle Eric transfers them funds and they serve as an intermediary to whoever is receiving the funds making sure that they are used how they were intended.


Edited to add a video update.
This is a video that I made in church Sunday. I should have mentioned that since we were honored guest we were asked to sit up at the front of the church, the picture and the video are therefore from that perspective.

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