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My Spider and Fly {Halloween 2012}

Here are there Halloween costumes this year. This is probably the last year that I will be able to influence them into doing a theme together. I said that last year too and this year Simon really did have some strong opinions about what he wanted to be (Spiderman) but I convinced him a spider would be much better. For awhile he wanted to be a hawk but after hand cutting out all those felt feathers on the owl costume in 2009 there is no way I am ever going to do that again (my hand was sore for a week!). This year was by far the simplest costumes I have ever done and I still got frustrated with them and put the majority of the work off until right before our churches Halloween carnival. Then when we arrived at church and were setting up I accidentally set on Simon’s spider eyes and smashed them (doh!) this is attempt 2 which actually worked out better.



“you look tasty Talia”
in making these costumes we learned a lot about spiders and flies. Spiders have anywhere from 4-8 eyes and flies actually have 5 eyes (the common house fly anyway)  two large compound eyes and between them are three small simple eyes.


 show us how yo fly Talia!

oh the spider got her! (this is a fun game of tag where the spider tries to capture the fly).

Showing off her wings. I found this really cool tutorial on youtube on how to make wings – it’s fast and easy. I tried to convince Simon that they should be dragonflies (because they have beautiful wings) but he was not interested. After seeing Talia’s wings though he started asking for some of his own so maybe next year…
Here are past years costumes.

Turtle – 2008
Owl – 2009
Octopus – 2010
Fox and Raccoon – 2011

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