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Carving pumpkins

I’m glad Myles came home and said “hey, let’s carve those pumpkins!” because otherwise I don’t think it would have gotten done. He is such a good dad. Getting the kids involved with every step of the process and having them help design what they want cut out.

Simon drew a very specific “scary” design on his pumpkin, it has a mono brow and everything – ha!  Right now this is Talia’s favorite position. She always climbs on our backs if we sit down. She is a climber and will climb anything. It’s kind of gotten old being choked from behind but hopefully in a few years I will look back on it fondly.

I love her expression in this shot. The glasses sliding down the nose (I really must go get them adjusted for her asap!), her surprise? bewilderment? Of course she doesn’t remember carving pumpkins last year so this was all new to her.

Simon took it very seriously.


Talia… “what is inside there?”


Here are the finished pumpkins

and in the dark!


When Simon saw the face illuminated in the dark he said “mom! mom! let’s make  the scary one chase the screaming one!” and then he arranged them like this. That kid is too funny! I hope it’s not raining too hard for trick-or-treating tomorrow.

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