Simon’s First Christmas

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas! We did


Awful weather and all we ventured out on Christmas Eve for the Children’s service at my mom’s Church. It was a very nice service geared towards children. My favorite part is always when the little kids sing “Away in a Manger”. For some reason it always chokes me up. I am hoping that next year Simon will be old enough to learn the words and sing it.  Simon (and all the babies under a year) were given a Christmas ornament as part of the service. (pictured bellow).


Then we met with extended family for dinner. In our family we exchange stockings – as you can see there are a lot of stockings so we just do little gifts like soaps, candy, and kitchen utensils. Yes, kitchen utensils – I don’t think a year has gone by when I didn’t get some sort of kitchen utensil in my stocking (spatulas and wooden spoons) this year I got a silicone pastry brush! Simon, got some bath toys and some little cars, and airplanes –  he was so cute pulling out his toys out of his stocking.

Christmas morning (upper right) we ate orange rolls. We have never given Simon sugar before but it was Christmas morning so I let him have a taste – he of course loved it. The big box was mine : )
it’s a new food processor! Which I am really excited about – it’s a big one.  I make a lot of Simon’s baby food in large batches and freeze it – Up until this point I have only had a 12 oz food processor. Now I will be able to blend an entire batch of squash or sweet potatoes at once! and I can also now make pie crust the Martha Stewart way – with out touching it.

And this was what we got for Simon – maybe more fun for mom and dad at this point. It’s a baby version of a marble run and similar to a toy that I had as a child.

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