The Sad Story of Our Christmas Card

By now everyone on my list should have received their Christmas card – too bad that is not the case this year. Yes, I procrastinated in taking the picture and getting the order placed but then snowpocalypse 2008 happened and UPS stopped making deliveries. I tracked the progress of my supposed 2 day shipment as the cards went from Minnesota, to Iowa, to Oregon, and then back to Iowa, and then back to Oregon (and that’s where they are now). I don’t get it – the post office can make deliveries why can’t UPS? So I guess my friends and family will be lucky to get their cards by New Years.  So I am going to show you what your Christmas Card would look like supposing that it had not snowed and snowed and then snowed some more.

I am bummed out that our card will not sit in peoples cute little
Christmas card displays because by the time that they get this they will have put away all the Christmas decorations : (   Better luck next year.

We had some extra help with my mom in
taking the photos. It’s really hard to get Simon to look at the camera
when I am just using the timer, he just wants to look at us. So my mom
came over and took these for me. Great work mom! The card template is
by Doodlebug Designs.

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  1. Melissa

    If it makes you feel better we made zero effort to decorate for Christmas (as I have been traveling and Eric does not give a rat’s patoot), so when your card comes I will proudly display it all by itself in the place of honor atop the television without a Christmas decoration in sight!

  2. Tiffany Allen

    Hey Emily, I look at your blog all the time, but I never leave a comment. I thought Christmas was a good occasion. So Merry Christmas to you snowed-in people. It’s funny to think about how weird people can be about snow after growing up with it being no big deal in AK huh? I can’t believe you almost have a 1 year old. Did you know Chris and Chrissy are expecting in February? Well, email me sometime when you get a chance – I’m bad at phone calls, but I can keep in touch via email. Tell your mom Merry Christmas for me too, I like getting to see her on here too! 🙂

  3. Cara

    Absolutely Beautiful photos Emily…so did you get your talent from your mom? Or did she get it from you?
    Merry Christmas!!

  4. Beth

    Beautiful Card and I, like Melissa will proudly display it, maybe for more grandmotherly reasons!

  5. Emily, the card is amazing (no surprising)!! I’ll gladly keep our Christmas cards up long so that we can display yours! 🙂