Simon, not the biggest fan of the snow

So if you haven't heard the Seattle area got a pretty big dumping of snow. Well big by Washington standards. The news is calling it a "blizzard". I am not really sure what qualifies weather to be a "blizzard". Growing up in Alaska we weathered through quite a few storms, most Alaskans would consider what we got yesterday to be a dusting, and I don't think I ever once heard a winter storm referred to as a blizzard but Washingtonians absolutely freak out when they even so much as see a single snow flake. So we had a snow day today. Myles worked from home and I took Simon out to play in the snow. You can see from the pictures that Simon did not embrace the winter weather.


Oh Simon – what will we ever do with a little boy who does not enjoy winter sports?


I tried to get him to make a snow angel but he wasn't interested.

Later in the afternoon Chanda came over with the girls and we walked to the elementary school for some sledding. Here is a little video of Simon's sledding with Megan. I promise that we didn't torture him the whole time. He was fine as long as he didn't actually touch snow, but on this particular run some snow sprayed him in the face – he hated it.

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  1. Anonymous

    It’s like the little brother in The Christmas Story who was bundled up so much he just fell over. It’s a little early to know if he will or will not like winter sports.

  2. Kay Weaver

    Too funny. Simon was okay until he saw mom at the end of the run. His cry was more like rescue me. Good pictures though of Simon in the snow.

  3. HILARIOUS!!! I laughed out loud so hard at that video. Lacy had to watch it like 4 times. The first photo is just ridiculously adorable! Just love the crying photo. Just wait till the little man can comfortably walk around in all the gear and snow and he’ll LOVE it:) Promise! Have fun!

  4. these pictures are AWESOME girl! I LOVE THEM!
    he’s just so CUTE!