My sweet boy {Seattle Photographer}

I just love his eyes – they are so expressive.



This afternoon while Myles was working on putting a roof on our shed (the one he is building from scratch).  Simon and I had a mini photo session. He is at that stage where he wants constant attention and is not content to let me work on the computer or even chop of vegatables with out being in my arms.  So since I was entertaining him I thought why not take some photos. I used to be able to get a smile out of him just by singing, now it’s a lot more work.

here are the outtakes (secretly I know this is what everyone is really wanting to see.)

outtakesI usually show 20 – 40 proofs from any given photo session. This is a tribute to every parent who has wondered “she took a lot more than 20-40 images.. what was going on in all the rest of them?” I think this is a very good sampling of the images that I don’t show as proofs.

Simon has been cutting some molars the last few days and has been a little cranky. I had put him on a little stool to keep him in place but after about 10 min of this he learned how to climb down off it.

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  1. Emily, marvelous!! You are totally right about his eyes… 🙂

    How old is your sweet boy?

    (And AMEN to the explanation of “the rest of the pics” LOL!)

  2. admin

    Simon is 14.5 months

  3. Aurora

    I personally love the outtakes and would love a collage like that. You really get to see the many faces of Simon 🙂

  4. Beautiful!

    Yep, I would love to see the outtakes on the wall. 😀

  5. Rane dae

    I’m having a hard time deciding on a favorite… but it might be the bottom right. “Is this the smile you want, Mommy?”

    If we ever get to do a session, these are the ones I want along with the “good” ones.

  6. too cute! but if i were the parent, i would want to see ALL Of them including the cry ones because they really show personality!!! but then again, i am a huge picture taker, so i would want to see all 200 pictures, not just 20!!! LOL!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE these! he is so beautiFUL and i LOVE his mouthful of teeth!

  7. Els

    The one but last one is the same face my youngest DS pulls a lot 🙂 What gorgeous photos of a gorgeous boy you have!!

  8. Simply adorable! Hi eyes are amazing.