Simon’s Curls


This is what his hair looks like right after a bath. I love the sweet little ringlets and the smooth shape of the back of his little neck, I am constantly kissing it when he sits of my lap and allows me to read him a book.  I wanted to document the curls because in all honesty I am considering cutting his hair. It looks really cute right when he gets out of the bath but as soon as he lays down on it or rolls around on the floor the curls disappear and quite frankly it looks like a mullet. I have always liked longer hair on little boys but right now the rest of it is not keeping up with the back.


Usually when he wakes up in the morning it’s sticking straight out, and inevitably at some point during the day he puts a sticky hand to it and pulls it into a sticky tuft. So I am thinking I should just have a little bit taken off the back, but then the sentimental side of me thinks – “I can’t trim off his baby curls! he’s still a baby”.


So I know that I haven’t provided you with a mullet photo from which to draw an objective opinion but I am wondering what the consensus is as to what I should do. I know it’s not just me who thinks he has a mullet. We were in a store the other day and another stranger made a comment about how cute he was and then followed it up with “Oh, and he has a mullet.”

So should I give Simon his first hair cut? And yes, I have asked Myles what he thought and he distractedly replied, “um, sure whatever” when I asked him if he thought I should take Simon for his first hair cut.

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  1. haha, I had to laugh at daddy’s comment…that is SO what I get! BUT, I think it’s harder to cut a boys hair, because they do look SO much older once their hair is cut. HOWEVER…personally, I am one that likes things polished and I ‘get ready’ every day and so I wanted my little one to look put together as well…I got Lacy’s hair ‘cut’ very early because it just seemed so uneven and stringy! And I was SO glad I did. If I had a little boy, I would cut it…but I SO understand why people wait:)

  2. Melissa

    This is so funny! I just commented the other day to Hazel (I think after watching one of the videos), “Hmm, I think Simon is developing a little mullet, Emily won’t like that!” So you have my completely spontaneous opinion that there is something mullet-like about the current hair growth. My vote? Not sure, because I understand that it’s hard to bring yourself to do that when he’s a baby and I would have trouble with that too (I mean, what if the rest catches up and he had adorable curls?), but at least you can save the curls and he’ll look better in pictures.

  3. Oh I remember those days with Ryan. I loved those curls too. Finally too much peanut butter forces me to cut them. Sigh.

    Wonderful captures!!

  4. My 75 year old father-in-law still talks with disdain about his mother refusing to cut off his curls as some form of denial that he wasn’t a girl (he was the third boy in the family). Of course, Simon is probably still to young to have an opinion about his hair and for it to cause any sort of embarassment. Of course, you could just embrace the mullet aspect…a few weeks ago I saw this funny video on mullets…The first three minutes of it are hilarious.

  5. I think it would be easy to snip those off at home without having to take him in somewhere. i would probably NOT cut them off! but i haven’t had a boy , so i don’t know! they are so CUTE!!! LOL! tara

  6. That’s so rude that someone in the store would say that!!! I’ve known LOTS of little kids whose hair has grown this way, be thankful he’s a boy! It’s cute in the pictures, but if it’s bothering you and causing people to say rude things, then I’d cut it. I didn’t even notice it when I saw him the other day, but it’s likely to just get longer and worse, so yeah, I’d cut it.

  7. Melissa

    I’m not sure that the comment in the store was rude so much as karmic retribution. Emily commented rather loudly at my wedding that one of my young cousin’s had a mullet and was heard by everyone. It was of course true and rather ugly, but still… Karma will come back to bite you.

  8. Great Grandma Ginger

    do it ! (sigh)

    leave it be ’till he’s three, says Great Grandpa

  9. sophia

    what a great topic! i’d like to see this mullet tho. 🙂