act like you like each other! {Seattle Child Photographer}



Oh how I love sisters. I also think it’s very amusing that whenever I photograph siblings and I ask them to hug that the embrace starts off nice enough but almost always deteriorates into the children trying to squeeze the living tar out of each other.

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  1. oh man….these made me cry! I can’t WAIT for matching dresses and SISTERS! Having a brother, this is so exciting as a parent:) Adorable girls and great photos(as always)

  2. Amy

    Wow, they look as if they could be twins! I bet they get that all the time!!! Too cute! I can’t wait for my two girls to get this age! and you’re sooo right about the hug thing, lol!

  3. Kay Weaver

    I love the first picture, eyes bright and looking right at the camera which makes it look like they are looking right at you. Love those dresses too! The last pictures shows the hug getting serious. Cute.

  4. Oh this brings back so many memories, not all good. My mom made our matching dresses.

    Beautiful captures!

  5. sophia

    pretty dang convincing!