I am Thankful…
for a beautiful healthy boy
a husband that provides for us
for having plenty of food to eat
for lots of friends and family
for a family of talented musicians
that Simon gets to know not only grandparents but great grandparents.
for having really good health insurance and not needing to use it : )

I hope everyone had a very lovely Thanksgiving like we did.
feel free to say what you are thankful for in the comments.

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  1. Kay Weaver

    I’m thankful for a large family and live near my sister.
    I’m thankful that I now live closer to my children and get to see them more often.
    I’m thankful for the freedom to worship.
    I’m thankful for my friends far and near.
    I’m thankful to be so richly blessed in material and physical things.
    I’m thankful to be a grandma.

  2. tara pollard pakosta

    precious as ever photos.
    thankful for:
    my husband
    my daughters
    my family.
    our health.
    my husbands job.
    many dear friends.
    this gift of life.

  3. Travis Thompson

    Tell Myles we’re bringing guitars to the Tuesday dinner next year

  4. Oh gosh…so many things to be thankful for, it’s true. That turkey looks delish…who makes it at your house? I made sweet potatoes and cranberries this year and will have to do it again next year it was so easy. I love seeing that violin/viola in that first pic, how fun. Here’s a little trivia on me…I’ve played french horn since the 7th grade!

  5. I should have stated that these were all taken at Grandma Greenway’s house and she made the Turkey – I only made stuffing.

  6. Betty Cabral

    Emily – what a talent you are. Who is the woman in green? She’s so beautiful, must be your mom. I am thankful that my daughter married Gordy, he’s such a blessing. I, too, am thankful for good health insurance that I’m not needing. That really struck a chord. Bless you and yours. Love, Betty Cabral