1. Love these. How sweet.

  2. Faye

    Emily, these pictures are absolutely wonderful. I think it is your best yet. I love the basket! And the way you have them placed is perfect.

  3. So I’ve been a lurker for a while… via Baker’s Dozen. But this post begs commenting on. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. The photography. The babies. What sweet little blessings.

  4. That (almost!) makes me want to have twins just to make sweet pictures like that! They’re beautiful!

  5. Kara

    I’m totally jealous you got a chance to photograph these cuties, great shots!

  6. sophia

    oh, how sweet. i think i have a tear in my eye… beautiful babies, beautiful photos.

  7. Saw these on 2P, and had to pop in and see if you had more on your blog! They are AWESOME! Your work is fabulous – love your Fall pictures too.

  8. Cara

    I have watched your photography, talent and vision just blossom over the past year. These are truly amazing photos and something I would expect to see in a book, hallmark card or in a public showing. Keep up the good work!
    The Feneis family will see you soon.