Pumpkin head

just a few more from Indiana!
Part of the wienie roast includes a hay ride – pulled by a tractor. It was great fun (all be it a little dusty). Here is Simon standing in the hay wagon.  while I was trying to get the perfect shot the cat jumped up to check Simon out.


We don’t have any pets (I’m allergic) but Simon loves our neighbor’s cat. Though it is a bit more elusive and rarely lets Simon pet it. This cat was not shy at all. Simon was elated to get so close but a little bit unsure when the cat came right up to him. Right after I took the last shot we had to rescue the cat from Simon’s grasp. He had a big fist full of fur and was trying to keep the cat from leaving.  I am surprised that it didn’t scratch him. Don’t these photos make Simon look like a toddler! I can’t believe how grown up he is – nearly 9 months. Today he walked from one end of the couch to the other (while holding on). This is the longest distance I have seen him travle like that.

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  1. cara

    Oh emily, he is growing up so fast and is cute as a button! Mine grab hunks of fur as well, makes me wonder how cats put up with it.

  2. Who knew that cat coming in could make the perfect picture? What a great little series and gosh that first one would put a smile on anyone’s face! Love it.

  3. Melissa

    The pumpkin hat turned out well! I enjoyed seeing him with the cat… I think he’ll enjoy Oliver if he meets him again, now that Simon is older and Ollie is calmer.