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I love sweet little newborns! This little guy is the third biological baby to come out of our adoption class. Simon being the first. His mom and dad (Eric and Denise) sat behind us throughout the PRIDE training last summer. And I have to admire them, whereas Myles and I are taking a break from the adoption process to adjust to being parents Eric and Denise are forging on and had their first home study visit last Friday, when Malakai was only 7 days old! Talk about having a full plate. (They also have two very sweet older children.) 
These were all taken with my new Alien Bees B400 and Wescott 50×50.
Tomorrow morning Simon, my mom and I are headed to Indianapolis. Myles will hopefully be joining us on Saturday (we are crossing our fingers that his flight test is rescheduled). Pictures from the giant family weenie roast coming soon!




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  1. Melissa

    That first picture of Malakai is one of the best newborn photos I’ve ever seen. There’s something about it that really catches the newborn period and how soft and pliable and sweet they are. I’ll admit that I’ve not seen a lot of newborn photos aside from yours, but I’ve seen a lot of newborns, and it’s awesome.

  2. Kay Weaver

    He is precious and beautiful. How wonderful to catch his first few days so masterfully!

  3. cara

    is it just me or is his head chopped off? I cant see the photos!?

  4. I think it’s great that you’re in an adoption class. William and I want to adopt one day. william’s sister is adopted from Korea and she’s been in the family for over 23 years now. It’s such a wonderful blessing.

  5. 🙂 He’s so precious!