tickling the ivory

Simon playing with his “newest” toy.
It’s actually a used 1950s Jaymar toy piano that I bought off ebay. Myles had a great aunt who had one very similar to it and Myles really wanted Simon to have one. Specifically after he heard an interview with Gabriela Montero on NPR. She is a extremely talented Venezuelan piano player who mixes improve with clasical music. We enjoy listening to her classical improvisational album. And guess what she had as a toddler…yep a toy piano.
Don’t get me wrong we’re not trying to turn Simon into some sort of musical prodigy or anything (well at least I’m not, I guess I shouldn’t speak for Myles).  The piano is just a fun toy but it really does hold Simon’s interest. He bangs around on it quite a bit.
This is a little confession – to get a shower, use the bathroom, or check my email I sometimes put Simon in his port-a-crib with some toys (it’s set up in my office). This morning I was checking my email and I turned around to find him standing on top of the piano holding on to crib railing. So I guess we are done having the piano in the crib! And last weekend we had guest staying with us so Simon slept in the port-a-crib all night. Myles rocked him to sleep and went to lay him down when he realized that the piano was still in the crib. You can’t pick up the piano with out making a racket so Myles just left it.  At 1:30 am we woke up to Simon “playing” the piano.

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  1. Anonymous

    hahaa….that is hilarious! Lacy and I awoke to her leapfrog table mysteriously playing by itself in the middle of the night, but it’s much cuter when it’s a little one playing it:)

  2. Nia

    OMG, this is too cute! I have always wanted to tell you that I think your son is so very handsome!

  3. That is one cool little piano. My husband would love if the kids had one of those, he played the piano growing up. Simon looks like he really likes it and that he is really playing a song. Great shots.

  4. Too precious … what a cutie he is! I love these!

  5. Beautiful captures!
    We had a Melissa & Doug toy piano that one of my sons learned to play a few tunes by ear. Now he has a casio keyboard and garage band. Enjoy the toy, there is no amp for the volume. 😉

  6. how fun is that?!
    reminds of that dude on charlie brown,what’s his name?

  7. Jacob

    super cute em!!

  8. Melissa

    Eric asked me yesterday if I had seen “Simon playing the piano” yet and I said, “If you are referring the the blog post, yes… if you are referring to Simon playing the piano, also yes” and he said that I was being snarky. These really do catch how much he likes it – I miss him.

  9. Kay Weaver

    I got a great laugh out of the middle of the night piano playing. The piano is heavy enough that to hold a sleeping Simon and to pick up the piano without a racket would be impossible. We expect great things Simon!

  10. Oh wow…now THAT is an awesome find. Off to look at ebay…I just love that place.