Party of 6

I only comment on the family size because personally I think that 4 kids is just about the perfect number. (On a good day Myles might agree with me). I love how in big families the kids all have built in playmates and how they take care of each other. This photo was taken on the Edmond’s beach looking out over the Puget sound. The Olympic mountains in the background. I joked with them that this was a very typical Northwest portrait.

Right after I finished taking this series of photos Dierdre (the one-year-old pictured far right) ran out into the ocean. For a second to stood there dazed looking through my camera thinking “someone is going to have to wade out and get her”. Then I realized that the most likely candidate for that job would be me! – since keeping my clothes nice mattered the least.  So I waded out and brought her back to shore. Luckily her mom mom had a change of clothes for her This incident seriously made me rethink my socks with sandals uniform (yes I wear socks with my keens) as my keens filled up with sand and my waterlogged socks made it challenging to walk.

Beautiful weather that evening. Unfortunately I don’t think we are going to be so luck this weekend – it looks like my weekends sessions are going to be rained out : (

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  1. Oh, come on. You don’t think thirteen children is the perfect number?

  2. 4 is our “number” too. I had to talk my husband out of 6. Really pretty light here, sorry about the rain. We had the ultimate rain story happen this weekend. We went to NM for the Balloon Festival and ended up seeing not a one due to the rain, cancelling the launch and glow.

  3. Hayven

    What a handsome bunch!!! Four kids is fun and with this family I think it is cool that everyone has a bother and a sister. I don’t think they could have had a better set up.