And the winner is!

Sorry that I am a day late on posting this. We got busy and then when I thought about it Simon was already in bed. At any rate. I wrote all the names of the entries on slips of paper and had Simon choose one.


Only the obvious flaw with this method is that there is no way to get Simon to choose only one slip of paper! He of course wanted them all – and he was quite excited about it! He stuffed as many into his fat little hands as he could.

but I waited him out. And eventually he dropped all but one and he was delighted just to set and crumple it in his fist. I had a hard time prying it away from him but I did… and the winner is…


Angie Monroe! congrats Angie. Contact me with your prize choice and I will send it off. And for those who asked yes, I would recommend the two books in the prize selection. Here is Angie’s winning photo.


look at that depth of field!
I was actually really blown away with all the great entries. You guys are great! here is a sampling of some of the entries.





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  1. Aurora

    Gorgeous photos. I couldn’t get my act together to actually put in an entry, but next time you have a contest, I’m in!
    Did you polish up the winning photo in Photoshop? I’d love to learn more about how to do that! 🙂

  2. I really wanted to enter but never got around to emailing you. I have been practicing in AV and I love the results. Feel free to check out my blog and comment on any. You may have to scroll down since the really good shots are a few posts back. I started using AV with the post called Emily. I do want to say thanks for giving me that extra push to get out of “P” mode and I really liked your tutorial that you posted. Oh yeah~and your new banner looks great.

  3. Katelyn B.

    Thanks Emily! I really appreciated your advice. I sent you those pics… Take care!