Trick or Treat

The girls came over in their costumes so I took their pictures. Megan is a pirate Ally is Hannah Montana Elle is a lady bug but she didn’t want her photo taken. She just kept covering her eyes and saying … Continue reading

Happy Halloween

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little Ethan. We only got to take a few photos before it started raining. Portfolio | Contact Me | Book a Session connect with us on social media   .  .    .

another newborn

I hope you are not getting tired of these tiny ones because I am loving them. They are so little and perfect. And its fun to do some indoor work when then weather turns nasty outside. (luckily it looks like … Continue reading

New Web site is up but I am still making changes to it. Its much easier to update so I should be able to add new photos all the time. *update – if all you can see is my old site its because your … Continue reading

O-man and G-man

One of the things that I like best about working with families is that I get to hear all the cute little names that they use for each other – its like getting to be in on their secret little … Continue reading

My Family

So my family has been not so patiently waiting for their photos. And rightfully so, we took these back in June when my brother Mark was visiting. At this point I don’t think  Walt and Val are even speaking to … Continue reading

For Aunt Faye

This picture is for my Aunt Faye who is currently in Shantou, China teaching English ( She has been zealously harassing me,  wanting to know if I am "showing" and if I can please send a picture. She even tasked … Continue reading

Oh baby! Oh Baby!

Look at this little guy! seriously the easiest newborn I have ever photographed. He was so relaxed. Doesn’t he look comfortable. Portfolio | Contact Me | Book a Session connect with us on social media   .  .    .

More cute kids

These Darlings were from a session a few weeks ago. They were full of personality and gave me authentic smiles. This little guy reminded me a lot of my little brother Mark. Do you see any resemblance Mark?I need to … Continue reading


Well our two cedar trees are no more. You may recall that last winter the top 30 feet of the west tree fell on our house during one of our storms. Technically these 2 trees are on a little strip … Continue reading

Toddler on the go

This little one was a little hard to catch – she was so thrilled to be outside exploring. look who loves her mom! Portfolio | Contact Me | Book a Session connect with us on social media   .  . … Continue reading