Pumpkin Patch 2012

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We almost didn’t make it this year! we put it off and then the weather wasn’t cooperating when we were free etc… Then today though it was supposed to rain it didn’t. So I texted Myles at work and said “lets do it today” … Continue reading

The Fair (2011)

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We didn’t go to the fair this year… I love the idea of the fair  but in practice I find it sort of disappointing. These are photos from September 2011 that I never shared so I am posting them now. (Can you believe how little … Continue reading

experimenting with color

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I learned this little activity a few years ago when visiting Montessori preschools for Simon. This is worth a good 30 minuets + of free time for parents/ care givers. At minimum you need an ice cube tray, red, yellow, … Continue reading

Halloween 2011

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My fox and Raccoon 🙂 This is Talia’s first Halloween (her birthday is tomorrow) I wanted to make something that would play off her glasses hence the raccoon. Of course since I conceptualized the costume she got new glasses but … Continue reading

Pumpkin Patch 2011

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Myles says that this is one of his favorite all time traditions, I have to agree! umm! a tasty pumpkin Talia was really into feeding the alpacas and goats, as we approached their enclosure and she saw them I swear … Continue reading

Blacklight dinner

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I think we have a new October tradition! inspired by all of the Halloween decorations and Play at Home Mom, we decided to have dinner by blacklight. I picked up these blacklights for $10 each at Walmart. Yes, I’m admitting … Continue reading

Bathtub Rave Party

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recently I have been into the blog Play At Home Mom, so many many awesome ideas. This idea was shared on their blog awhile back. I picked up these submersible LED lights at Jo-Ann’s in the floral section. I think … Continue reading