Painting ornaments

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12/9/11 For baby’s first Christmas ornament I have taken both of my kids to have their hands imprinted in clay.  I love these little ornaments and next year I promise to take a photo of them! For successive years I … Continue reading

ice skating

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They set up an ice rink here over the Holidays and since I grew up in Alaska and ice skating was a big part of my childhood my brother Mark and I thought it would be fun to take Simon. … Continue reading

Christmas 2011 recap

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December always seems so hurried and rushed with a million activities crammed in! I wanted to take is slow and enjoy the season. I wanted to have a cookie decorating party with friends, I wanted to take the kids to … Continue reading

The Great Tree Hunt

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It was a foggy crisp afternoon when we picked out our tree this year. I do love this tree farm (it’s in Carnation) it’s just so beautiful. Simon really enjoyed himself this year and is starting to get the whole … Continue reading

December 1st

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Even tough Advent officially starts four Sunday’s before Christmas (this year November 27th) most advent calendars and count downs don’t begin until the first of December. Simon was so excited to open then first window on his advent calendar and … Continue reading


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we are having lots of deep discussion this first week of Advent. We are talking about birth and death, light and dark, love and sacrifice. And what it means to have HOPE. I love how traditions guide you into these … Continue reading

Christmas 2010

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We celebrated Christmas Eve at Sam and Chanda’s house with all the extended family but I didn’t take a single photo, I just enjoyed the evening. After that we came home and lit the last of our advent candles and … Continue reading

More Christmas Fun

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Gordy (Myles’s brother) and Alexis actually made it out to visit. We didn’t think this was going to happen due to the Aberdeen High School basketball schedule but in the end it worked out and I got to meet my … Continue reading

Christmastime Fun

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I love that December is like one big long festival with tons of stuff to do but I honestly wish that we could stretch some of the things to do out into January, February and March when things are pretty … Continue reading