Not again!

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You would think I would have learned my lesson about not keeping baby powder within baby reach… apparently¬† not. Looks guilty doesn’t he! I was in the bathroom putting on makeup and I cou... Read More

The Fort

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Sometimes, on very good days, your grandma comes over to play and shows you how to build a fort. And it’s cool! I have been really exhausted and nauseous a lot (and not getting much done) so I w... Read More

In other news…

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We are having another baby! due October 25th 2010. We had our first prenatal visit on Tuesday and our first ultrasound yesterday. Now that I have seen the baby and heard the heart I feel comfortable m... Read More

Cover Girl!

Little miss Sophie that I photographed last month made the cover of Conceive magazine! I knew when I photographed her at 2 weeks old that she was model material – she is just too cute! Congrats ... Read More