At the Zoo

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We are having that typical Seattle spring where we will have a few days of nice weather and then it will be back to rain. The weather man was saying this week was going to be all rain so I wanted to t... Read More

18 Weeks

I feel like I accomplished a lot just getting this photo taken and posted! Other than that I don’t have much to say. Thanks for all the naming suggestions. I actually really like quiet a few of ... Read More

Jump Jump Jump!

Yes, we got a trampoline! As a child I always really really wanted one and my parents would never let us have one – they thought they were too dangerous. I vowed that I would never treat my own ... Read More

15 Weeks

I tried all day today to think of some more funny confessions but I think I used them all up last week. At this point I think any confessions would just scare you, but I will still try to think of som... Read More