Disneyland 2013!

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well this just shows how far I am behind on blogging. This was a really fun trip so I did want to share it. To celebrate Simon’s 5th birthday we went to Disneyland. We had a blast! Myles brother Gordy … Continue reading

Ice Cream Play-dough

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I saw this activity on Play Create Explore blog and knew I would have to make it for the kids. One of their favorite pastimes is making “ice cream” with play-dough. What would be more fun than play-dough that actually looks like ice cream? And … Continue reading

my little loves

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It’s been far too long that I have taken actual portraits of them. I left my purse at the studio on Thursday so this morning the kids and I went down there to retrieve it and I photographed them before taking them to mighty-o … Continue reading

Talia turns 2!

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The day after Halloween is of course Talia’s birthday which means switching gears very fast.  We quickly put some “2”S around  the house and some decorations   First thing in the morning she got to blow our her candles on her doughnut. After … Continue reading

Carving pumpkins

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I’m glad Myles came home and said “hey, let’s carve those pumpkins!” because otherwise I don’t think it would have gotten done. He is such a good dad. Getting the kids involved with every step of the process and having them help … Continue reading

Pumpkin Patch 2012

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We almost didn’t make it this year! we put it off and then the weather wasn’t cooperating when we were free etc… Then today though it was supposed to rain it didn’t. So I texted Myles at work and said “lets do it today” … Continue reading

The Fair (2011)

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We didn’t go to the fair this year… I love the idea of the fair  but in practice I find it sort of disappointing. These are photos from September 2011 that I never shared so I am posting them now. (Can you believe how little … Continue reading


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In August we got to camping with some pre school friends and their boys Owen and Henry. We went to Lake Cle Elum and it was HOT and we had a great time. Usually camping in Washington is pretty cold but this … Continue reading