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Talia turns 2!

The day after Halloween is of course Talia’s birthday which means switching gears very fast.  We quickly put some “2”S around  the house and some decorations


First thing in the morning she got to blow our her candles on her doughnut.

After nap I let the kids decorate her cake. They had a TON of fun doing this and I don’t know why I have never tried this before.

This is the finished product.

We had a “just family” party on the evening of her birthday and ate the cake and she opened presents.

Grandma Kay gave her a kid sized Ergo doll carrier and we  gave her a doll.

Here she is wearing the carrier and opening the doll. The doll is really cute and she does carry it around but I think she still prefers the blabla knit animals over it.

Myles parent’s sent a cookie making set and that was a BIG hit with both kids. Good thing we are getting them a play kitchen for Christmas.

On Friday night we had an insane big party for her. Insane because our house is tiny and we had like 60 guest.

Talia’s pal Quincy

Zebby, Simon and Ivy playing at the pary



eating cake with friends

“mom stop taking my picture, I’m trying to eat my cake!”

friends Evangeline, Ivy, and Luna enjoying cake.  (I just htought their expressions were funny)

all in all it was a great time. Talia really like the sining of “happy birthday” and all the attention.


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