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The Great Christmas Tree Hunt 2012

We got our Christmas tee today


It was cold and Talia fell asleep on the way there and was woken up so was in a really cranky mood for at least 20 min of it. She refused to wear her hat or mittens and got really cold.



We ran into our friends from Church and the kids has fun chasing each other and playing tag among the trees.




The final choice.

I bribed them with treats from the bake sale for this image.

Talia has no memory of Christmas so it was funny to watch her reaction. When she work up form her nap Myles had set up the tree in the living-room and she thought it looked out of place and kept saying “no no, take it out” Once we got the lights on it and started letting them put ornaments on it she got into it though.


Today is also the first day of advent and we lit the hope candle in our advent wreath.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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  1. Aunt Faye

    That is so great. Simon looked as if he was fully engaged this year and it was funny hearing about how Talia wanted it out. There was something magical about how the kids got to play with the other kids among the trees. Great memories.

  2. Kay Weaver (Mom)

    I’m sorry I missed out this year but I’m so happy that you met friends from church and had this great outing. It also looks like the rain held off. Cheers! It will be the best Christmas yet for Simon and the memories begin for Talia. You captured the event so beautifully from your heart through the lens.

  3. betty

    Awesome photos! Super fun bokeh on the advent wreath image! I bought the bokeh masters kit from photojojo sometime when I was expecting and haven’t ever used it! You are inspiring me! Did you use something like that? Talia has super sweet hair! I’m glad that you got in a photo too!

    • admin

      I have never heard of photojojo – I will have to check that out. It’s pretty easy to get bokeh with christmas lights though.