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baby feet | Seattle Baby Photographer

I just love baby feet. It’s hard for me to resist kissing them. And as parents I think we have all experienced that overwhelming urge to “eat” our babies feet. Research tells us that the secret baby formula is “cuteness =  more care and more protection”  which is essential for human babies who are dependent on their parents. That’s why their feet are so irresistible to us.  Humans have adapted to find certain traits (like cute little piggies) aesthetically pleasing and downright adorable. Infants who display these cuteness traits get increased interaction, care, and protection from parents.  I got to photograph this little guy, Ronin at 3 months old which is pretty much the idea baby cuteness age. By 3 months babies are smiling and interacting with you in a very rewarding way, and they are starting to fill out and get rounder faces and that chunkiness is just irresistible (probably because it indicates a very healthy baby). If you are interested in booking a 3 month old session for your baby please don’t hesitate to contact me @ emily@emilyweaverbrownphoto.com

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