Massage Class

So I am a little bit behind on posting here so pardon me while I catch up : ) Myles and I took a infant massage class with Simon. I know that this sounds as if we are totally spoiling Simon (which we ... Read More

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"A year passed.  Winter changed into Spring.  Spring changed into Summer.  Summer changed back into Winter.  And Winter gave Springand Summer a miss and went straight on into ... Read More

Uncle Mark

My brother finally made it up to meet his first and only nephew. While Mark is not really the baby type I think he did surprisingly well in relating to Simon. And Simon seemed to really like him : ) W... Read More

That Smile

He is smiling so much lately. I love discovering the little things that make him burst into a big grin. Latly it has been kissing noises, tongue  clicks, hand claps, and the ABC song. I was singing t... Read More