How Simon feels about Tummy Time

Myles is really into making videos now…
Up until now I have only put Simon on the floor on a blanket because we have all hardwood floors and I figured it would be more comfortable to lie on a blanket. I noticed that Simon would try and move around on the blanket and pull his arms up but that he really couldn’t because the blanket would always move with him. So I tried just laying him right on the floor. I was showing Myles how Simon gets better movement on the hardwood and he was being so cute I grabbed the camera and started filming and then Simon pulled this new trick out of the hat.

I know I am probably not going to get mother of the year award for dragging my kid across the floor but it doesn’t seem to phase him. What is weird is that almost every time he gets on his back he fusses. like he is saying “How did this happen?” He shows no signs of being able to roll from back to tummy but just as a precaution I guess I won’t be walking away while changing him anymore.

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  1. Brooke

    I don’t know which is cuter…watching Simon roll over or listening to his mommy and daddy delight in their little guy! Love it!!

  2. Jo (Shmo)

    Oh he is so sweet Emily! It’s nice to hear your voice too!