Our Family

with so many request for a family photo we decided it was time. This is our little family of three : ) Usually we only do this at Christmas but I guess we will have to start doing it more frequently n... Read More

He is a big boy!

I apologize for not posting sooner. Life happened. (Aunt Faye and Uncle Eric are home!!!!)At his doctor appointment on Thursday Simon weighed 8 lbs 5 oz. So he has kept up his 2+oz a day weight gain. ... Read More

How big is Simon?

quite a few people have commented upon seeing Simon in real life that my photos make him appear far larger then he actually is. I think this is due to perspective, don’t be fooled he is a newbor... Read More

Two Weeks old!

I can’t believe how fast this time has already gone and how much Simon has already changed. He is noticeably bigger and he has more awake/alert times. Hi eyes are getting lighter and we are pret... Read More

We have a Porker!

We had our one week Check up today, Simon is 10 days old. I could tell that he had already grown a lot but check it out…It is a little hard to read the scale but it says 7 lbs 6 oz. At birth Sim... Read More

Simon’s First Bath

The other day we gave Simon his first bath. He really enjoyed it – as you can see he was totally relaxed. For the record those are Myles’ hairy legs not mine. Portfolio | Contact Me | Book... Read More

My Boys

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These first two are for Meagan who knit this beautiful blanket for Simon. As soon as I saw it I knew it would photograph beautifully. Certain textures look really good in photos – I am always lo... Read More

Mom and Dad

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For comparison purposes here are photos of Myles and I on our first days. Who do you think Simon looks like? Mom or Dad ? And Myles has begged me to post this video of Simon pooping. He thinks it̵... Read More

World’s cutest baby

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Yes, I am aware that all moms think that their baby is the World’s cutest, however,  I think if you take a look that you will have to agree with me. I love that he is smiling in this image.... Read More