22 weeks

They are just flying by now and my belly button is starting to do that funny thing! You can still add your guess to our baby pool (guess the birth date and gender correctly to win a $25 Starbucks gift... Read More

21 Weeks!

Finally I got something done! I have been SO tired this week – the “I could sleep all day” kind of  tired. Needless to say I have been sleeping a lot. Not much else going on other t... Read More

Toddler Art!

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When I was a kid my mom had a craft drawer and she basically allowed my brother and I free access to it. It was filled with finger paints, construction paper, glitter, glue, tissue paper – you n... Read More

19 weeks

ok so I’m a little late this week but it was a holiday weekend… This was a rush job and the angle is not quite right but it will have to do. I am loving all the entries on the giveaway! Ke... Read More