Happy Halloween!

This shot cost me 3 jelly candies – he was NOT happy about sitting in a pumpkin and it took everything I’ve got to get smile out of him. Before I carved it the pumpkin weighed 89 lbs. Portfolio | … Continue reading

Sugar Beets!

No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, I am just in full Christmas rush mode and crazy busy. But I wanted to post about sugar beet harvest before I forgot everything. What are sugar beets? Basically just … Continue reading


This past week we have been in Aberdeen Idaho visiting Myles’s parents. Right now it’s sugar beet harvest and Simon got in on a lot of the action. That kid now knows how to say “John Deere!” I have a … Continue reading

Pumpkin Risotto

I have declared October Pumpkin month and we are on a mission to make and consume as much pumpkin as possible. So this recipe is part of the pumpkin project. Risotto is  really not the most photogenic of foods but … Continue reading

“Pum-key” Patch fun

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Pum-key is how Simon is currently pronouncing “pumpkin” It’s very cute since there are pumpkins to be seen everywhere. This past weekend we went to the south 47 farm and picked out our pumpkin. I should say one of our … Continue reading