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“Pum-key” Patch fun

Pum-key is how Simon is currently pronouncing “pumpkin” It’s very cute since there are pumpkins to be seen everywhere. This past weekend we went to the south 47 farm and picked out our pumpkin. I should say one of our pumpkins because I know I will buy more but nothing beast the beautiful evening light and all those beautiful orange pumpkins.



Last year it was a lot easier to take Simon’s photo, he had really just mastered pulling up and pumpkins were just the right standing height for an 8-month-old. This year he ran away from my camera and was a lot more interested in the wheel barrels than the pumpkins.




After selecting our pumpkin and several verities of squash we headed over to Theno’s dairy for some pumpkin ice cream. I have been going to the south 47 farm for years and I had know idea that there was an amazing ice cream place just across the street. (Thanks Andrea for the tip). Up until this point Simon has hated ice cream, I kid you not. I think he found it too cold, he would just spit it out and there was no way you could get him to lick a cone.  That all changed on Sunday. Simon got his first real taste of pumpkin ice cream and then devoured half of Myles’s cone.



I think Myles’s face in this photo is so funny. He was trying to teach Simon to lick the cone, not just try and suck it. Yum it was good. So good we brought a quart home.

Until next time! We have so many fun things planned this month, I am going to have tons of Simon photos and stories (which I know are everyone’s favorites anyway).


P.S.  If you wait until a few days before Halloween Fred Meyer will drop the price of their pumpkins to 10 cents a pound and their produce scales only go up to 30 lbs so you can get the biggest pumpkin you can find (and right before Halloween only the giant pumpkins remain at the bottom of the bin) and only pay $3 for it.

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  1. LOVE these to bits!!!…and that one with him pushing the wheel barrrow… 🙂

  2. sophia

    these are beautiful. and the pic of Simon “pushing” his dad in the wheel barrow is hilarious!! ROFL!

  3. beeeeautiful light is right and the one with Simon pushing daddy? So cute!

  4. Danielle

    I love Myles in the wheelbarrow! It looks like you had a lot of fun. The colors in these photos are amazing.

  5. Holly

    THENOS!!! I grew up going there for ice cream since we lived right up the hill. Ooooo that makes me want a pumpkin ice cream cone and to sit on the cow! YUM!
    P.S. What in the world is Simon going to do when he sees a candid, regular photo of himself? Those pics are stunning!