39 Weeks

yep, I was dreading it – I didn’t want to make it to 39 weeks but I did and now I am right on my way to 40. I had to think of something to make 39 weeks special and ended up getting my bel... Read More

38 weeks!

At this point in my pregnancy with Simon (38 weeks 4 days). I had a baby! I think it’s torture to have your first baby early because anything less than that for subsequent children is just tortu... Read More

37 weeks!

and I am starting to run out of ideas and clothes that fit! My Portfolio | Contact Me | Follow Me @emilyWbrown Portfolio | Contact Me | Book a Session connect with us on social media   .  . ... Read More

36 Weeks!

Almost there. I will officially be “in dates” tomorrow. In order to have a home birth you have to meet the requirements to be considered low risk one of the requirements is being between 3... Read More