Splish Splash Simon loves his bath

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Simon is really into bath time now. No longer does he lay there passively relaxing. He enjoys the new found freedom of movement that the water affords him. He can actually get himself turned completely around now so the his … Continue reading


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Bring on the newborns! seriously I am loving the teeny tinies! I have got a ton of ideas bouncing around in my head, so people hurry up and have more babies! And one final one with a proud big sister! … Continue reading

My little giant

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Simon had his 4 month old check up today. I was a bit off on my weight estimate. He is only 13 lbs .045oz which puts him back in the 25% for weight (this is where he was at birth). … Continue reading

I [heart] adoption

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I had the privileged of baby sitting these two adorable children last week. They warmed right up to me, well really they warmed right up to Simon who they both loved and took turns holding and cuddling. These are the … Continue reading


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This is such a fun age! … notes on the previous post. Simon didn’t seem to mind being on the grass but that was at a park and the grass was mostly moss. When I first put him down for … Continue reading

My Giant Baby

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Ok, he really isn’t that giant (I’m guessing 14 lbs) but compared to a newborn he is huge! Portfolio | Contact Me | Book a Session connect with us on social media   .  .    .


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This is the first newborn that I have photographed since Simon’s birth and WOW he made Simon seem like a giant! I realize that Simon has grown…a lot – I suspect that he has more than doubled his birth weight … Continue reading

The return of O-man and G-man

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I am loving 4-year-olds lately. It is like they are all bursting at the seems with personality! 2-year-olds are great too but they are much more challenging to capture.Look at those curls though! I had to through this next one … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Eli!

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This adorable little guy is now 2 years old. But if you ask his Mommy he has be practicing for a while now. I hope you have a great time feeding the giraffes at the zoo! Portfolio | Contact Me … Continue reading