Bring on the newborns! seriously I am loving the teeny tinies! I have got a ton of ideas bouncing around in my head, so people hurry up and have more babies! And one final one with a proud big sister!... Read More

My little giant

Simon had his 4 month old check up today. I was a bit off on my weight estimate. He is only 13 lbs .045oz which puts him back in the 25% for weight (this is where he was at birth). He is now officiall... Read More


This is such a fun age! … notes on the previous post. Simon didn’t seem to mind being on the grass but that was at a park and the grass was mostly moss. When I first put him down for a pho... Read More


This is the first newborn that I have photographed since Simon’s birth and WOW he made Simon seem like a giant! I realize that Simon has grown…a lot – I suspect that he has more than... Read More